Sensemax VR – Top 10 Sex Toy 2017

Virtual Reality is a term used to explain a viewable lifelike experience which appears like it is happening authenticity right in front of you. Long gone are the days of making your own red-blue 3D glasses at home to view lifelike dinosaurs in a book. With the advancements of modern technology Virtual Reality can include various forms of experiences. Including touch, scent, taste, sound and sight. For example, at the Sydney Tower Eye a 3D movie plays as the floor moves below you, water is sprayed to mimic waves crashing and the temperature of the air is changed within the room to mimic the natural environment. This is where we get to the Sensemax VR sex toy.

Let’s explain why we have included it in our list of best sex toys 2017.

Some virtual reality devices will let you interact with the experience by giving you options of how the experience unfolds, use different objects that you can see, lets you interact with the scenery and various other special effects.

The Sensemax VR Headset

Sensemax VR Headset is one of the very first couples sex toy vr device that can be used with interactive sex toys. It has been designed so you are able to watch the virtual reality adult movies on your mobile that is held in the VR Headset. Gives enough air flow to your mobile so you don’t have to worry about it over heating. Sensemax VR Headset measures 195 mm by 188 mm by 102 mm. It is recommended to use a mobile device which has a 4.7 inch to a 6 inch screen for maximum viewing pleasure. There are two lenses within the headset that can be adjusted with a dial to improve the focus.

sensemax vr
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It is extremely light in weight

Allows people to use it comfortably in the privacy of their own home for extended periods of time as it only weighs 277 grams! It is made with comfortable straps that are adjustable so you are able change the size of the device to suit your body. You can use the device hands free. There are also comfort pads that cushion the headset on your face.  SenseMax VR Headset is available in a black and white colour design.

It will take two of your senses, your sight and sound and make you feel like you are really experience the adult movie. As if everything that the porn star is doing is happening to you. Sensemax VR Headset lets you see a the adult movie on the screen which feels extremely lifelike.

Sense Ecosystem Range

The Headset is part of the Sense Ecosystem range of products that are sold at incredibly affordable prices that will not break the budget. This means that the immersive experience of watching a virtual reality adult movie in the comfort of their own home is available for everyone to buy. It will take your imagination, dreams and desires to a new level that will quench your thirst for pleasurable entertainment.

SenseTube Mens Masturbator
Sex Toy: SenseTube With Responsive Grip

SenseTube Mens Masturbator

To top that off you can buy attachments like the SenseTube which is a mens masturbator that responds to what is happening on the VR Headset. The SenseTube measures 7 inches in total length. It has an airlock system where you are able to choose between 3 different suction levels or you can use it completely closed off for maximum suction.It has been made with a removable white TPE sleeve that is textured with ribs. The TPE sleeve measure 6 ½ inches in length and 1-2” in girth.

SenseTube has 3 buttons of operation

Including a ‘+’ and a ‘-’ which control the intensity of the vibrations and a mode button which changes the vibration pattern. By pressing the ‘+’ and the ‘-’ at the same time you can place it in travel lock mode. Which means it won’t accidently turn on when you are moving it from one place to another. This makes it ideal to take with you when you are on long journeys overseas.

This mens masturbator has been made to be 100% waterproof. It is fully rechargeable with a two and a half hours worth of continuous use with a two hour charge time. So you don’t have to worry about your experience being cut short! It comes with a stand which will help keep the TPE Sleeve shape.

SenseNow Application

It uses a free program named the SenseNow App to pair the sex toys together. This application lets you choose from a selection of adult movies on your mobile. As you masturbate with the SenseTube by using long up and down movements. You will notice that the porn stars will react to what you are doing. If you would like you can change your point of view so you can watch the experience from different angles. And you can also change their sex position.

SenseNow Application is compatible with Android or iOS mobile phones. To find the application go to your app store on your mobile and search for “SenseNow”. The application will appear available to download if you have a mobile that is compatible with the app.

There are many health benefits of masturbation for men and the Sense Ecosystem Range is so affordable you do not want to miss out.

Sensemax VR
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