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Just imagine using a G-Spot vibrator at the very same time as a lover is having sex with you.  Vibrations will thoroughly pleasure you and every single time he thrusts, waves of pleasure will be sent through his erection.  Now add on top of that the incredible sexual experience of a clitoral massager. Which closely hugs your labia which will absolutely overwhelm you with pleasure. I would love to introduce you to the We-Vibe Sync. It is a luxury sex toy which is known as one of the best sex toys in the world.

Using the We-Vibe Sync is one of the easiest ways to enhance your sexual performance. The We-Vibe Sync is designed with two wings, one wing stimulates the G-Spot whilst the other wing hugs the clitoris externally. It is used during penetrative sex, so that when the women inserts it into her vagina the man can easily penetrate her with maximum comfort.

Adaptable Design

The Sync is the first sex toy from We-Vibe’s range which allows you to change the shape of the sex toy from two adjustable areas. Itcan change to comfortably and ergonomically fit your body shape. You can even adapt the shape so you can apply more delightful pressure to your erogenous zones.

What Included In A We-Vibe Sync Package
We-Vibe Sync Package

Standard Innovation Corporation

We-Vibe was designed by the Standard Innovation Corporation an adult lifestyle brand from Canada that was established in 2008. They work alongside doctors, consumers and sexual health professionals so that they can design high quality products. Standard Innovation Corporation sell body safe sex toys, eco friendly and phthalate free products. When their products are used, people have peace of mind that they are not using something which is potentially toxic to the body.

How To Use The We-Vibe Sync

The We-Vibe Sync can be controlled by the wireless remote or the We-Connect application that is downloaded to a compatible mobile phone.

The wireless remote allows you to change the speed and patterns with a click of the bottom. The remote can operate the sex toy from 3 metres away so a lover can control the sex toy in a completely different room. If a person chooses to wear the We-Vibe out in Public, the remote can also be used to change its functions.

We-Connect ApplicationFor Android Or iOS Devices.
We-Connect Application Installed On Mobile

People are able to download the We-Connect application to their apple or android mobile phones for free. Once We-Connect is downloaded and connected to a We-Vibe, you can control the sex toy from any location, whether you are on the other side of the world. A simple press of a button will let you control the sex toys features. The We-Connect application will let you:

Create custom playlists with different modes, speeds and timing: It allows you to create your very own vibration patterns and it lets you build playlists made up of the vibrations that you love.

Video or text chat: We-Vibe have made the experience extremely intimate by providing you with an application where you can video chat and text whilst the sex toy is being used. This way you don’t have to jump between applications on your mobile which would otherwise ruin the experience.

Change the mode: If you swipe left or right it allows you to change the modes and if you pinch your fingers together or apart it will adjust the intensity.

we-vibe sync
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We-Vibe Sync Mentions

In September of 2016 the We-Vibe Sync was launched, after its very launch it won its first award the “Highest Potential Product” from eroFame. From then on the We-Vibe Sync continued to win countless awards including the ETO 2017 Best New Couples Product, Adultex 2017 Best Couples Product and XBIZ Awards 2017 Couples Toy Of The Year. These are some of the most well-known awards in the adult industry.

It has also been mentioned on various media outlets who have said.

  • “My verdict? A lot of fun, a brilliant orgasm aid and a toy you’ll use over and over again.” ~ Cosmopolitan
  • “I thought it might be a bit better than what I already owned, but oh my god, It is like they took all my tiny gripes about my We-Vibe 4 and not only got rid of them, but waved some fairy dust over them and created a thing of beauty.” ~ Adultsmart
  • “During sex, we switched positions and the We-Vibe stayed in place. I’d been sceptical that I could find anything new to like about a vibrator that I hadn’t already felt, but the combination of internal and external vibrations did make sex even more enjoyable.” ~ Prevention

The We-Vibe Sync can also be purchased in a set with the We-Vibe Tango which is one of the best bullet vibrators for clitoral stimulation! We-Vibe couples sex toys are made with award winning designs so be sure not to miss out!

We-Vibe Sync
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