Je Joue G-Kii – Top 10 Sex Toy 2017

Je Joue researched 10,000 different women’s body structures to find out what type of sex toy would suit most women. They found out that the best type of sex toy would be customisable. So that women of all different body types are able to easily find their G-Spot. They made the Je Joue G-Kii.

 Je Joue G-Kii is a remarkable bendable vibrator

It allows you to change its curvature in 5 different locations along the spine of the sex toy. Je Joue G-Kii is so bendable that it can even be curved to the point where you are able to experience G-Spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time.  It has a locking mechanism which ensures it will stay in the chosen position during use.

Je Joue G-Kii is made from 100% pure silicone

  • FDA approved, BPA free, body safe and phthalate free.
  • It is completely non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals.
  • Available in the colours Fuschia, Purple, Lilac and Black which means that there is a colour for everybody!
  • It has a bulbous base that leads to a thinner shaft and a smaller bulbous tip used for pinpoint G-Spot stimulation.
  • Measures 17 cm long and has an insertable length of 11 cm.

Made with two motors. One is located at the base which is the strongest motor with another located on the curved end.  Je Joue G-Kii has 5 different intensities which range from a soft vibration to much stronger vibrations. It also has 7 different pulsating modes.

Je Joue G-Kii in Purple
Je Joue Sex Toy 

How To Use The Je Joue G-Kii

Je Joue G-Kii has three buttons a “+”, a “-” and a “~”which are located at the bulbous bottom alongside the magnetic charging connectors.

  • Turn the Je Joue G-Kii On: Hold the + button for a couple of seconds
  • Change The Intensity: Press the + button to increase the intensity or press the – button to lower the intensity.
  • To Change From Vibration To Pulsation: Press the ~ button.

It is recommended to begin using the Je Joue G-Kii on the clitoris. So you are able to build up a natural arousal as the deep vibration penetrates into your erogenous zone.  Gently massage the tip of the Je Joue G-Kii on your clitoris and labia until you are ready for penetration.  When you are ready place the vibrator in a gentle curve shape so that you can allow your body to get used of the stimulation. Then you are ready to experience more stimulation begin moving the sex toy in a come hither motion.

Je Joue G-Kii is 100% waterproof and is made with seamless silicone which means you can use it in the bath or shower.

How To Take Care Of The Je Joue G-Kii

Since the Je Joue G-Kii is waterproof you are able to thoroughly wash it after each use with mild soap and warm water. Comes with a magnetic recharger. Attach the magnetic charger over the base of the sex toy, you will hear it click into place. Lights will flash letting you know that the sex toy is charging. When it is fully recharged the light will remain on.  It has a stand by time of 2 weeks.  Comes with a 1 year warranty for manufacturer or designer faults.

Je Joue G-Kii Mentions

It has also been mentioned on various media outlets who have said.

“Your G Spot won’t have a chance to hide when the G-Kii wants to play. With a variety of speeds, functions and adjustable design, this toy hit all the spot.” ~ Emily Morse, Doctor of Human Sexuality.

“The Je Joue G-Kii is a great vibrator for g-spotting and even more amazing with the ability to bend the toy into a deep ‘c’ so that you can obtain simultaneous clitoral and G-Spot stimulation, also allowing you to rock the vibrator back and forth to hit your g-spot perfectly.” ~ Adultsmart, Adult Store.

“Everyone’s anatomy is slightly different so the fact that the G-Kii is adjustable is just fantastic. Plus, it works as a toy for masturbation (it’s easy to hold and use) and for partnered sex.” ~ Tristan Taormino, Award Winning Author

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