Minna Limon – Top 10 Sex Toy 2017

Let’s find out why we have selected Minna Limon to be in the best sex toys 2017. This is a vibrator which is shaped identically to a lemon! It is definitely one of the more adorable sex toys that is available to purchase which adds to its mass appeal. The design of the Minna Limon is fun and non-phallic. It really doesn’t look like a sex toy at all especially since it is available in the colours pink and teal.

Made from Class VI medical grade silicone that is free of harmful phthalates, body safe and completely seamless. When you hold the Minna Limon in your hands you can’t help but feel the silkiness of the silicone.

Feels Full of Air

This couples sex toy itself feels extremely soft when pressed between your fingers, it feels like it is full of air. Apart from it being incredibly soft and squishy it has a special feature that allows you to change the intensity of vibrations. By squeezing the side of the sex toy between your fingers. It controls the powerful motors that permeate with intense vibrations.  Also lets you record your very own modes when you are on the go. Comes in a high-quality cylinder cardboard tube. Inside you will find the sex toy, a user manual, a drawstring bag and a magnetic recharger.

Minna Limon
Minna Limon in Blue

How To Use The Minna Limon

Minna Limon is best used with water based lubricant or sex toy friendly silicone Lubricant like Superslyde. It has various features.

On/Off Button

To turn on the Minna Limon is easy. Simply press the main button which is situated in the middle of the sex toy. When it is turned on the Minna Limon will pulsate which will let you know the level of charge it has.

If it pulsates once it has extremely low battery. Pulsates twice its charge is at medium. If it pulsates three times it is at full charge. Turn off the Minna Limon hold the main button for a couple of seconds.

Free Play Mode

When the Minna Limon is first turned on it is operating in “Free Play Mode”. Simply hold the Minna Limon in your hands and press the sides in. Depending on how much pressure you apply will change the amount of intensity that the sex toy will deliver.  Using Free Play Mode instantly allows a person to change the intensity without having to look for a button. This makes using the sex toy effortless whether it is used for solo masturbation or whether it’s used by a lover during couples play.

Record Mode

Minna Limon can record how you use the sex toy! After the Minna Limon has been turned on, to enter Record Mode press the button once.  Record Mode light will turn on. When you are ready to begin recording press in the sides of the Minna Limon and change the levels of pressure. Then when you are ready to stop recording let go of the sides of the Minna Limon. It will replay the vibrations for you. This sex toy can only record one pattern and store one pattern. So if you choose to record a new pattern your old pattern will be lost. When you have finished recording a pattern press the button once to enter it Locked Mode.  Locked Mode light will turn on.

Locked Mode

When you enter into Locked Mode after you have used Record Mode, it will play your saved pattern in a continuous loop.

Minna Limon Buttons And Lights
Minna Limon Functionality Diagram

How To Take Care Of The Minna Limon

Like the other types of sex toy materials, the Minna Limon silicone does not collect dust or residue. Since it has been made to be 100% waterproof it is extremely easy to clean after use with mild soap and warm water.

It is USB rechargeable which is environmentally friendly to use since you are not using and replacing batteries. To charge plug in the cable into a USB friendly device like a computer or a laptop. Place the Minna Limon on the Recharger Base and connect it to the magnets. When the magnets are connected you will hear a light click. Do not recharge the Minna Limon when it is wet.

When fully recharged it can last for up to 2 hours of continuous play. It has a charge time of 1.5 hours. When you first receive the Minna Limon it comes fully charged so you are able to use it straight away.

It comes with a 1 year warranty for manufacturer or designer flaws.

Minna Limon Mentions

It has also been mentioned on various media outlets.

  • The other thing is…It’s SOO quiet. I read people say that toys are ‘whisper’ quiet. But this one really is! Even on high you can barely hear it.” ~ Adultsmart, Sex Toy Shop
  • “I’m so enamoured with this product that I wind up sounding borderline fanatical whenever I recommend it to one of my clients. The Limon is an incredible toy that gets this sex therapist’s stamp of approval.” ~ Vanessa Marin, Sex Therapist

Minna Limon is the perfect sex toy which will give you a powerful sensual massage for women.

Minna Limon
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