Doc Johnson Tryst – Top 10 Sex Toy 2017

The Doc Johnson Tryst is a vibrator that is ergonomically designed. With two flexible arms and a tapered base both shaped perfectly to fit the body. It can be used on multiple erogenous zones on both men and women for solo masturbation or for couple’s sex.  Made with body safe and phthalate free silicone that is available in the colours black and purple.

Doc Johnson Tryst packs in a whopping 3 motors!

Although it has 3 motors it operates quietly which means you can use it comfortably in your house without anyone knowing. It has seven different vibration functions with three different speeds and four different patterns.  Gives you plenty of options that will help you build a gradual orgasm. It is extremely light in weight. Measuring 5.4 inches in length with an inner diameter of 2 inches. So you can use it for a long time without feeling exhausted.

How Do I Use The Doc Johnson Tryst? 

Doc Johnson Tryst has two buttons; the top button operates the arms whilst the bottom button operates the base. Can be used in a variety of ways.

Cock Ring

Can be used as a Cock Ring as you are able to place it around the base of an erection. Using a Cock Ring can help to keep the blood flow within a penis which will help to maintain the erection. Helpful for people who have erectile dysfunction issues.  Erection will be visibly bigger, it will be harder and it will also last longer.

Depending on how you choose to wear it

It can also be used for testicular or clitoral stimulation. If you place the vibrator’s tapered base on the top of the shaft it can be used for clitoral stimulation. Or if you turn it around so that tapered base is on the bottom of the shaft it can be used for testicular stimulation.  You can also use the vibrator as a cock ring on a Dildo which will make it vibrate.

If you are going to use the Doc Johnson Tryst, it is a great idea to read up on an online guide to Cock Rings in more detail.

Nipple Vibrator

Doc Johnson Tryst can be used as a nipple vibrator can be used on both men and women to enhance natural arousal. With the Doc Johnson Tryst you are able to pinch the arms together to create a nipple clamp. Stimulating the nipples will increase sensitivity to other erogenous zones. Smaller breasts have more nerve endings packed into one area. While larger breasts require more stimulation.  Some people are able to orgasm purely from nipple stimulation alone.

doc johnson tryst
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Testicle Vibrator

Doc Johnson Tryst can be placed around the testicles to provide an erotic testicle massage. It will help build an intense orgasm that you may have never experience before.

Clitoral Vibrator

Can be used as a Clitoral Vibrator. Pinch the tips together for pinpoint stimulation which will surround the clitoris. Gently move the arms up and down in a slow stroking motion. Which will pull and push on the clitoris to build up a gradual orgasm.

G-Spot Vibrator

You can insert the arms of the Doc Johnson Tryst into the vagina for a penetrative experience. Move it in a come hither motion for intense G-spot Stimulation.

Internal Stimulation

Doc Johnson Tryst can be used internally for delightful G-Spot stimulation. It can also be inserted for beginner’s anal play.

Body Massager

Doc Johnson Tryst can be used as an all over body massager as the vibrations are powerful and can penetrate deeply into your muscle tissue.

Doc Johnson Tryst
Doc Johnson Tryst In Purple

How To Take Care Of The Doc Johnson Tryst

It is water resistant which means you can clean it with anti-bacterial spray and a damp wash cloth. This vibrator runs for approximately 90 minutes of continuous use. Is rechargeable via USB, there is a pinhole on the base of the sex toy.  Package includes a Black Satin Storage Pouch so you can store the sex toy away safely.  Pouch prevents it from rubbing up against other items that may scratch the product.  It also comes with a USB charger and a user manual.

Doc Johnson Tryst Mentions

The Doc Johnson Tryst has won June 2016 Cosmopolitan’s Sex Toy of the Month. It has also been mentioned on various media outlets. Doc Johnson produce some of the best sex toys.

“My favourite way with TRYST is to mimic the Jimmy Jane Form 2 and straddle my play zone with both vibrating arms, moving TRYST slowly up and down until I reach nirvana.” ~ Synergy Magazine

Doc Johnson Tryst
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