Je Joue Mio – Top 10 Sex Toy 2019

Boasting An Incredible 25 Vibration Modes, The Je Joue Mio Cock Ring Delivers Luxuriously Pleasurable Motions To You And Your Partner. This Strong And Flexible Cock Ring Keeps Him Harder For Longer While Enhancing Her Pleasure. Mio Makes It Easier For Couples To Achieve Simultaneous Orgasms.

Sex can be amazing at the start, but couples often do get bored repeating the same thing over and over again. As much as you may find it hard to believe, it does become monotonous. Je Joue Mio will send you on an adventure.  Find out why Je Joue is in the top 10 best sex toys for 2019.

One way to spice up your sex life is by using couples sex toys.

We all have heard of sex toys if not used them. They are plenty indeed in our current world. More so, they come in different shapes, sizes as well as adjustments to suit our needs. This is because most of us want it different and this is what the adult industry has coupled up with the technology industry to provide.

Among one of the most efficient gadgets in the adult market, today is the Je Joue Mio cock ring. Most of you are probably wondering what cock rings are since the most common sex toys we know of are dildos, vibrators, and clitoral stimulating devices.

Cock rings can simply be described as multi-functional sex toys.

This is to mean that they can be used as vibrators for ladies to help in achieving clitoral orgasms, and to help hold erections for a longer time in men. As a result, they work efficiently for couples. As mentioned earlier, the Je Joue Mio penis ring is one of the best in the market today and this is why.

Features of Je Joue Mio

1. Material & Design

SOFT & SAFE. Mio is designed with FDA-approved silicone hence body safe. It has a velvet soft touch all around it, making it smooth and easy to use. This works to ensure that they do not put any strain or pressure towards the penis. As opposed to other cock rings which have seams.

STAIN & ODOR FREE. 100% guaranteed silicone material is free from any odors hence does not leave any nasty smell. This is coupled up with the fact that it is quite easy to clean due to its water-resistant features.

SIZE & BODY. Mio is relatively small despite appearing big from certain angles. Its size is fundamentally compact, especially for a rechargeable cock ring. Embedded in its body, specifically where the motor is located are two alternating S-shaped to form a heart logo. This is the signature logo for Je Joue products, with the name appearing just below the logo.

je joue mio

2. Control & Functionality

CHARGING. Je Joue features a unique charging system that is magnetically enabled. To charge this device, all you need to do is hover the charger over the controls. Hold it there until you feel a pulling. Once you feel the magnetic pulling effect, let go and let it charge. A led located on the plug will flash green when charging and glow when full.

FUNCTIONALITY. When in use, the heart-shaped logo will light red. To turn it on, you simply have to press and hold the plus button until the vibrations start. Vibrations are increased when you press the (+) button and toned down upon pressing the (-) button.

NOISE. One good thing about the ring is that it is quiet every during high settings. This is advantageous for those who want to be discrete.

USE.  Stretchy hence easy to put it on. This makes it adaptable to a wide range of sizes. You may opt to use a water-based lubricant to slide it in with ease. One amazing aspect of this toy is that it can be fitted to other non-vibrating toys. Used together to achieve that body-shaking orgasm you crave for.

3. Cleaning & Maintenance

As this ring is water-proof, it is easy to clean. It can be used in the bathtub or shower with as assurance of it working perfectly well. Being 100% silicone, you can sterilize it and share it with your friends.

Je Joue Mio Cock Ring
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