What is the point of having an electronic bedmate if you can’t count on your human partner to be always there.  Lets explore the Best Sex Toys For Couples? It’s fun to spice up things in (andout of) the bedroom with a few fun sex toys. And there are so many reasons for how sex toys improve our life. It’s always exciting to try new things together.  In our 21st century, there is no need to limit yourself to fingers, mouths, and genitals when used effectively.  To make things interesting, there are sex toys, vibrators, and fun accessories available.

Our Five Best Sex Toys for Couples

Sex Toys can be intimidating at first.  So it’s important to be prepared before you bring one into partner play. In her opinion, Lioness founder Liz Klinger says, “Ask them how they feel first, discuss it with them, and then make your choice.”  She also notes that “there’s a possibility that they might not want the sex toy at all. Possibilities for intimacy and exploration are endless.”

In case they’re into it (yay!) then go shopping.

In addition to making sure the toy gets proper, uh, usage, getting your partner’s input on what they would also appreciate will help you surprise them with your latest purchase. Consider how intense the vibration will be (if it occurs at all). And whether BDSM is something you would like to include in your routine. Having made all that plain, the next decision has to do with which of these 24 to keep in your collection.

What are my thoughts? It’s better to have more…

 1. Partner Whale

Couples play with this vibration device, specifically designed for Satisfier vibrators. Equipped with dual motors.  This curvy toy is designed to please you and your significant other simultaneously. During use, the thinner part targets your G-spot and simultaneously massages your penetrating partner. You can choose from three types of vibration intensity and seven types of rhythm to ensure that you both reach the peak.

These are even great for live gay sex if you catch my drift.

2. A double vibrating cocking ring from Ohare

Here’s a sex toy with double the impact! There are two rabbit ears and a cock ring on this baby that was just built for couples. In this scenario, you will have both hearing and buzzing stimulation, which increases your chances of experiencing simultaneous orgasms. Have fun!

best sex toys for couples

3. Jive Couples Vibrator

Whether you enjoy penetrative or non-penetrative sex, the We-Vibe Jive can create the vibration neither fingers nor penis can. Using the app on your smartphone, you can insert this perfect egg-shaped vibrator into your mouth and wear it during oral sex. Or make it a part of the next date night and make foreplay a memorable experience.

4. Eva II Vibrator

A second toy for couples, this one is also cute. It’s cock ring-like design is small, light, and easy to use (for direct clit enjoyment). This is worn by women instead, so it’s slightly less cumbersome. You can create extremely creative adventures since it’s waterproof.

5. Love honey Roll Play Foreplay Dice

You want to have more foreplay, but you’re unsure how to start? Together, take turns rolling the sex dice until you’ve completed every verb and noun combination you can imagine.

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