When I had seen the Nu Sensuelle 60SX AMP sex toy in the shop, I got really excited as I know the brand name and I know they make amazing toys. This one really blew it out of the water!  A part of the SX ohh brand by Novel Creations.  Marketing for this toy was very underwhelming. A lot of people compared it too “Chad energy” making very bold promises and claiming the title of best toy on market. Is a little off putting but its not about what they promise.

It’s what they deliver!!

Tell Me About the Nu Sensuelle 60SX AMP

This 5-inch bullet is made out of platinum-cured silicone with a very soft finish and a almost cartoon rocket kin of shape to it. Gives it a friendly and not intimidating look and feel to it. Which is always great in a sex toy. Some people don’t like super over the top sexual look to it. Its awesome rechargeable battery makes it water proof even submersible.

With the new 60xs motor it’s a new degree of power! Silicone dose nothing to dampen the power at all.

Nu Sensuelle 60SX AMP
60SX AMP Nu Sensuelle

Rumble in the Jungle

Unlike most toys its not a buzz kind of vibrations it’s a deep rumble that doesn’t create that itchy feeling some of us get.  To test it in a non-sexual way it was suggested to put it on your traps for 30 seconds (top party of your shoulder) for the 30 seconds. When I did it felt like a full back rub. It when from shoulder down to my middle back and shook all knots out of it!  I can say this bullet has more power than a lot of wands on the market. That being said the lowest setting is super subtle and perfect for just smooth sailing.

Perfect for Both Genders

I can honestly say this toy would be perfect for both genders. It’s rumble would make awesome stimulation for the penis. A pin point end is perfect for direct clitoral stimulation, and its length makes it ok for shallow penetration and just holding between your legs for hands free fun. Although the handle actually dampens the vibrations this makes it super comfortable for use. With out making your hand feel funny from extended use.

Nu Sensuelle 60SX AMP

One Downside

Only issue I can find is the toy does heat up a little bit after running it for a minute and a half. This isn’t a fatal issue. But could mean a burnt-out motor if used for extended periods of time.

Best part

This is just one of a line of future toys to be made this new motor and technology. There are a few new toys from Novel Creations in the making using this awesome new tech and its going to be amazing!  Have a read of another review of of Nu Sensuelle sex toys; Nu Sensuelle Brandii.

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