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Paramour Pleasure Partner Set L’amourose 

Couples Sex Toys From Lamourose Red Dot Award Winner. Named as one of the best sex toys 2015 the Paramour Pleasure Partner Set is one of the most recommended and awarded couples sex toy in the entire world. Having won one of the prestigious and luxurious Red Dot Design Award as well as other Awards in the year 2015. Central to the set is a fantastic vibrating egg which is used with a remote control or independently.

In other words, the egg can stand alone or can be paired with the set remote control. Allowing your partner to be in a position of controlling the sex toy motions. Also, the egg comes in a combination of 3 separate sleeves (Mae, Lana, and Clark). With a very hard bullet which allows the traveling of vibration through it nicely and with clarity. This feature makes it a fantastic set to share especially with a partner.

Also features a three (3) separate vibrator styles and remote control among many other features as discussed below.

Paramour Pleasure
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Features and characteristics of Paramour set

Paramour Pleasure Partner Set features a wireless sex toy that is remote-controlled. The Paramour functions using an interface that is touch sensitive up to a distance of about fifty-two (52) feet the same as sixteen (16) meters. It also operates using two separate touch motion modes. With five (5) standard vibration patterns, the sex toy can be applied in more than eight (8) intensities. The wireless remote control used together with the sex toy has a memory function that can record up to ten (10) seconds of different vibration patterns which are set by the actual user. The remote control also operates as a charging dock which allows for continuous charging for the vibration bullet.

Paramour Pleasure Partner Set has versatility due to it having an interchangeable bullet vibe. The interchangeable bullet vibe is used with three (3) separate body-safe as well as silicone cradles which are ultra-silky providing a broad range of intimate performances and activities. The bullet vibe and silicone cradle are waterproof. This feature allows for complete submersion in water and eases the cleaning process. The set comes with sophisticated but luxurious packing which includes a storage pouch made of plush velvet.

paramour pleasure
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How to use Paramour Pleasure Partners Set

Since the Paramour set comes with an extensive guide on how to use it, we not going to go into many details. You press and hold the M button the set remote for about three seconds where the light based on the button blinks. At this point, the transmitter records your movements for about ten seconds. It also plays it on loop until when you come out of the memory mode.

Why should partners go for Paramour Partners set?

  • Paramour set is great fun for partners who love teasing their sensations or those who love patterns. This sex toy also allows partners to play and joke around with a variety of feelings.
  • As discussed above, the remote control acts as the charging dock specifically for vibrating egg. This feature allows you to charge the egg and the other components at the same time.
  • Using the Paramour set, it is very easy to achieve and attain clitoral orgasms especially from using the highest setting of the egg. The vibrating egg feels rumbly and profound, and this makes it enjoyable especially for orgasms while using Mae.
  • The set is accompanied with a storage bag and a warranty of 18 months. Its value cannot be equated to its price. In case the partners are not satisfied with the Paramour set, they can return it to get their money back.

The Paramour Set is a lovely couple’s sex toy set to satisfy which provides a lot of diverse and romantic moments with its one egg and many sleeves system. Its worldwide awards and recognition make it the best there is.

Amazing thing about it is that can be utilized by many couples.

In case you love broad as well as deep vibrations and also have a quite slim vulva, I highly recommend Paramour Pleasure Partners Set for you. Also if you love customized modes and love patterns, then this sex toy is the best option. To all couples who want to share very intimate moments, I appeal to them to use Paramour pleasure sex toy.

paramour pleasure
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