Doxy 3 Body Wand

Doxy 3 Body Wand Massager Is Europe’s Answer To The Hitachi Magic Wand.

Doxy 3 Body wand – All The Power Of The Doxy And Die Cast Wand Massagers Packed Into A Compact Body. Find out why it was included in the top 10 sex toys for couples in 2019.

When it comes to sexual stimulation and arousal, it all narrows down to power vis a vis passion and the Doxy 3 Body Wand  certainly has bundles of both. All ladies can relate by saying that they want a man who can pull their hair back while giving them soft, slow and sensual strokes. Indeed, it is all about having a perfect balance between the two and this is what leads to the heightened erotic feeling we all crave for.

When we talk about having an exceptional stimulation experience, we want something that looks good without depleting this functionality. We want something easy to use in order to make its functionality better. All these attributes are rare to find in most sex toys because most of them are designed to be discrete and low-key.

The Doxy 3 Body Wand
Doxy 3 Body Wand

However, one of them stands out among all the others, and these are wands. Who needs discretion when you can get the ultimate pleasure from a wand so big and powerful that it will leave you rocking and shaking in a turmoil of orgasms? Going silent is a good option to resort to, but sometimes all ladies need is a robust and powerful yet still sensual feeling. There are different types of wands today all of different specifications and sizes. These devices have without a doubt evolved, with the latest having very many augmentations and design features attached to them. This is in an effort to make them offer the best experience to us.

Nevertheless, an ideal vibrating wand should be simple despite having most of these features. In addition to that, it not be too difficult to manipulate and use as this may deprive its application. This is exactly what the Doxy 3 Body Wand offers.

The Doxy 3 Body Wand

The Doxy 3 Body Wand, also known as the Doxy Smol is a luxury version of contemporary vibrators that have hit the market hard. It is superior in that it has managed to incorporate some of the latest technological advancements in a simple device, hence deeming it as a sensual masterpiece. Some of its most outstanding features include:

1. Design Features

CASING: When it comes to design, Doxy has, in the past and present, always been ahead of their game. It is with no doubt that they have outdone themselves when it comes to the Doxy 3 Body Wand. This wand vibrator has a touch of finesse in its design, starting with its brushed aluminium and titanium body that is appealing to the eye.

SIZE: It is s little bit small when compared with its predecessor, the Doxy Die Cast, both in terms of weight and size. This makes it easy to carry both when traveling and when pleasuring yourself. Moreover, it has a flexible neck that leads to a broad silicone head for maximum stimulation.

REMOVABLE SILICONE HEAD: the Doxy 3 Body Wand has a removable silicone head that makes it quite easy to wash. This is a huge upgrade as compared to the Diecast that required you to carefully wipe the head, making sure no water touches the body. Now you can screw off the head and wash it thoroughly via running water.

CHARGING & USAGE: This vibrating wand comes with a 12 feet power cord that is long enough to fit across or along an entire room. You do not need to worry about the charging due to this aspect. The three-button interface makes this wand easy to operate as they comprise of the power button, the (+) and the (-).

It feels quite expensive thanks to the brushed metal casing. This is a guarantee of its luxurious aspect.

2. Vibrations

The Doxy 3 is truly quite a power toy for powerful women. even at its lowest vibration intensity, it can deliver really powerful vibrations that will send strong impulses throughout your body. This is one thing to note about these gadgets.

In addition to that, Doxy 3 has a comparably smaller head than its counterparts. This makes the vibrations more area-specific as you can focus more on where you feel maximum pleasure.

3. Sound

Number 3 delivers a high-pitched sound that increases as you max out on the intensities. It is thus comparatively louder than other vibrators.

How To Use It?

Operating the Doxy 3 is quite very simple and does not entail anything out of the ordinary. It is as simple as it comes hence it has an easy to comprehend procedure for usage. This entails:

  1. Plug it in a power source, making sure it is not near any source of water.
  2. Press the power button to turn it on.
  3. Increase or decrease the speeds using the plus or minus buttons until you achieve your desired speed rate.
  4. Hold down the power button in case you want to activate the desired pulse, still using the (+) and (-) to alter the frequencies of the pulse.
  5. Hit the power button to turn it off.

How To Clean And Care For Your Device?

The Doxy 3 has a head made of silicone. This deems it non-toxic as well as non-porous. Whenever you need to clean your gadget, simply unscrew the black head that will detach from the metal ream visible. You will then need to was the separate head with warm and soapy water and simply screw it back in. For the body, it is prudent to wipe it with a damp cloth to avoid getting it wet. The Doxy 3 should be used with a good water-based lubricant to ensure that it lasts for long. After use, simply return your device to its box and store it away in your drawer or closet.

Doxy 3 Body Wand
Doxy 3 Body Wand


Doxy 3 offers some of the best experience when it comes to pleasure. This is due to its powerful rumbles as well as multi-level vibration strengths and intensities all to suit your preference. It comes in many colors and you can choose one based on your taste. It is likewise easy to clean and not a hygiene hazard.

I would say this massaging sex toy is absolutely perfect for any lady who wants to try out something new and not boring. So if you have heard constant plain and boring orgasms from low intensity machines, then consider purchasing the Doxy 3 and watch the transformation!

Doxy 3 Body Wand

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