Fin Finger Vibe top 10 sex toy

Fin Finger Vibe – Top 10 Best Sex Toys 2019

Fin Finger Vibe is a small versatile vibrator worn between the fingers to add stimulating vibration to touch.  Compact and beautifully designed, a versatile vibrator from Dame.  Indeed, there are many sex toys found at different stores today and the fin finger vibe is just one. They range from vibrators, wands, dildos all the way to suction pumps just to mention but a few. Anyone can use a sex toy inclusive of men and ladies. This is irrespective of your age or any other factor that you may find of hindrance to finding your inner sexual self.

Fin Finger vibe
Fin Finger Vibrator

For women, the journey of self-discovery is a never-ending one.

This is because, although men tend to age and lose their erectile functioning with time, women age while still at their best. You may need a little bit of lubrication to help out with this.

One thing to note however is that most women have fetishes. They are more sexually active as compared to men. This is as opposed to the stereotypical predisposition that men love sex more than women. As a result, ladies often do have urges that need to be fulfilled.

For this to happen, you need to have a good sex toy to help you out. We are currently lucky because these are the times when getting a sex toy is as simple as purchasing groceries from a local outlet.  Only problem comes in when trying to figure out the right sex toy for you because, as already mentioned, they do come very differently.  Fin Finger Vibe has deemed it one of the modest devices that helps achieve orgasms. On first glance, you may think that it is barely a pebble or rather a toy for kids until you realize what it can achieve.

Fin Finger Vibe

It’s name speaks for itself as this gadget is worn on the finger while being used to rub your clitoris. This vibe comes with is that of an escalating form of orgasms and this is why.


Fin is relatively small as compared to most sex toys. It comprises of a small and versatile vibrator worn in between the fingers.  Firm and pointy at the front and flat and squishy at the back, the latter being the point that gets into contact with the clitoris. It can also be worn on both hands comfortably, whether left or right. As if not enough, it is tether optional as it has the option of removing its tether for easier maneuvering and placement between the fingers. As a result of this, it is adaptable as it can be used by anyone and everyone.


Fin is compact hence easily portable. It is quite compressed in size and as such carried around anywhere. It’s compact nature comes with a relatively small size that likewise makes it convenient for use.

fin finger vibe
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Fin feels natural. Upon holding it, you will feel like you have nothing on your fingers. Its squishy underside is made of medical-grade silicone that is smooth and does not cause any harm nor injury to your skin.


This gadget is water-resistant thanks to its well-covered silicone body. It can, therefore, be easily washed and stored away until next usage.


Fin comes with a USB port for easy charging after use.


It has a silicone base that is flat and offers dual sensations for the ultimate experience. A top side offers a firmer feel hence you may choose which side to use based on how you want to use it.

Fin Finger vibe
Finger Vibrator from Dame Products

Fin has a motor that offers three vibration intensities and this is where its power comes in. All these buzzing intensities are controlled by a single button. It can be adjusted just the way you want it. These vibrations are also sensitive when used on not only the clitoris but also other erogenous zones such as the nipples.

How To Use It?

You can use both the firm top or the squishy underside for pleasure at different points in your body. This is as long as your device is charged, clean and ready to be used.


Fin finger vibe is a good toy especially for couples. It can be used by both men and ladies to stimulate sensual sensations in various parts of the body. Fact is that it is small should not make you underestimate it. It delivers powerful orgasms through its vibrations coupled up with the double sensation sides attached to it. This is the sex toy to resort to in order to spice both you and your spouse’s sex lives.

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