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We-Vibe 4 – Couples Sex Toy 

Review of the We-Vibe 4 |World’s Best Selling Couples Sex Toy 2014

We-Vibe 4 Has To Be The Best Sex Toy For Couples!  We-Vibe 4 promises to bring a new and wonderful turn to every couple’s sex life. It is the best and the latest sex toy which easily uses Bluetooth technology to sync with its app which is available for Android and iPhone.

We-Vibe 4
Couples Sex Toy

Packed inside a lovely sturdy box

This sturdy box comes in a watercolor imagery fashion and runs throughout the range. Front part features the product’s names and the image of the couple’s remote and toy. In the inner side of the box, the remote and the sex toy are fully secured and protected in a foam insert. That has the charging port below it (underneath) and above cardboard which is white in color.  Cardboard box holds the charging cable and the instruction manuals.

This amazing sex toy for couples is made from smooth and body safe silicone.

Contains no charging insert point and this serves to make it one hundred percent waterproof. When using this sex toy, couples are highly advised to always use lubricant types that are waterproof. As opposed to those lubricants which are based of silicone.  This sex toy is available in different colors. It comes in slate, purple or pink.

When you are charging this sex toy

Sit it simply in its cradle which contains a USB port (micro USB port) for the charging cable. Either by using a plug adaptor or your computer, plug the device into a USB port (standard USB port).

Care should be taken to ensure that the device is right way around in the cradle. In the event that the lid fails to properly fit in, turn the device the other way round. A remote sitting part is also available at the front. It needs to be charged for four hours before using it. To signify that it is charging, the light on the charging cradle will give a flash.

This sex toy will usually last for a period of three hours when fully charged. The remote control of the device has a cell battery that is lithium-coiled.

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How does this sex toy function so well?

The vibrator can easily be controlled by ? its fantastic app, through the use of its remote control or through the use of the button found on the toy. The toy comes with over ten different settings on its app.

Every one of these settings contains a display that shows the different varying waves coming from every motor on the G-spot and the clit. They can easily be linked to increase their intensity at the same time or be unlinked. So that they can give you more intensity in a particular one area than the other.

What makes this sex toy stand out?

These benefits include that you can easily create your very own personalized vibration patterns using this sex toy.  We-vibe 4 is very simple to use and it does not require prior experience in sex toys to be effectively used. This means that it can be used by every person whether they are experimenting with sex toys for the first time or not.  Device is designed to perfectly fit any size of woman.

We-Vibe 4 plus comes with perfect stronger vibrations which make the user experience an orgasm that is beyond imagination. Designed in away that makes it very comfortable to put on. Perfectly bonds with any sex style and position a person decides to use.

It’s new app allows it to be connected and controlled anywhere in the globe unlike other sex toys available in the market.

When it comes to cleaning after use

This couple’s sex toy can be cleaned very easily. You only require a toy cleaner or hot soapy water. The we-vibe can be adjusted and easily controlled by you as you guide it towards your most pleasurable points. It is entirely upon your directions so you can easily use it as you please.

After using the We-Vibe 4 Plus sex toy, your sex life will immediately change and you will never think of using any other sex toy brand in the market.  With its ability to get connected from anywhere, its simple connection and its great clear interface, it is no wonder that this sex toy continues to be very popular among couples.


This item is no longer available and has been superseded by the We-Vibe 4 Plus.  Why not check out our review of the We-Vibe 4 Plus?

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