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We Vibe Touch 2 – Clitoral Massager

We Vibe Touch 2 is a great couples sex toy for so many reasons and is here!  Any man or woman who desires to have some great intimate moments should get themselves such an amazing couples sex toy and surely as they will love everything about it.

There are a number of clitoris vibes out there, with different features and characteristics, some of which are water proof, uniquely shaped, rechargeable. As well as those which are easy to hold. We-Vibe touch 2 vibrator stands out of the rest due to its exemplary features and characteristics.

We Vibe Touch 2
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What is the We-Vibe Touch 2?

Basically, the We-vibes Touch 2 vibrator is a powerful, palm-sized, rechargeable vibrator. Primarily designed to give exciting sexual arousal. Offer pleasurable moments as well as to provide full satisfaction by stimulating the external parts of the male or the female body.

Where Can I use it?

This couples sex toy can be used to stimulate either the clitoris, the penis, testicles, or even the anus as well as to act as a body massage equipment.  Measuring about 4 inches in length, 4.5 inches around its widest section, and made from some very high quality silicone material. This device is not only water proof but it is also very safe and convenient and thus can be used anywhere. For instance, under your duvet or perhaps while bathing or even while showering as it is completely waterproof.

As a matter of fact, this is one gorgeously sculpted, flexible device with a rounded tip for some ultra-thrilling direct contact that exhibits a soft to touch sensual feeling. It presents unique pleasure wave shape that smoothly and gently caresses the body to give one a great intimate pleasure.

Features of the We-Vibe Touch 2

  • 8 vibration modes that offers quite satisfying rumbles.
  • Ranges from low, to medium, to high and to ultra-speed setting modes.
  • As well as slow pause vibration.
  • Wave pattern.
  • Fast pulse mode vibration known as the Cha-Cha pattern.
  • Interestingly, it also allows for all the touch settings that is quiet enough and that without any background noises.
  • This therefore makes the We-vibe touch operation quite discreet and very private.
  • We-vibe touch is characterized with deep rumbling vibrations that are powerful enough to easily bring an amazing feeling of orgasm even on its lowest settings.

We-Vibe Touch is made of a silicone material

Offers a perfect drag, thus making it stay in its rightful and most desired position without easily slipping out of position.  That way, you can always use its drag texture. Or simply add some toy-safe lubrication to loosen the drag and thus to do away with the dragging sensation.

In addition, the We-vibe touch vibrator is uniquely cup shaped. It makes it more versatile and powerful enough to bring some true pleasure and to build up a satisfying orgasm both to the woman as well as the man.  Also worth noting that this device can always be used for shallow penetration to produce some very nice sensations.

we-vibe touch
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Easy to Clean

Apart from being waterproof and thus shower and bath-friendly, this couple’s sex toy is also very easy to clean. Just an antibacterial soap and hot water, then you are good to give it a good rinse and store it away for its next use.

On the other hand, this device also allows for one-button pleasure control. Comes with a rechargeable battery and recyclable packaging that will need at least 90 minutes of charging. Allowing you to use it for about two hours of continuous use just on a single time charge.

We-vibe Touch 2 also comes with a USB cable and a charging cap to allow for convenient charging processes.  This device is therefore not only an Eco-friendly and quiet device, but it is also safe to the body and thus free from elements such as phthalates, latex and BPA and so forth.

We-Vibe Touch 2 is one of the most interesting couple’s sex toys

It gives deep, rumbly, fantastic and incredibly satisfying vibrations from its unique pleasure wave pattern and shape that caresses the body gently to offer one the ultimate intimate pleasure.  Its vibration settings come with a memory which means that it will turn on at the previous setting that you last turned it off. So the need to always reset it to your desired vibration mode is not required saving you time and giving you more enjoyment.

The next time you want to indulge your sexual side, then this silky, soft, and firm tool, will be the ultimate clitoral vibe that will allow you to experience and to enjoy sexual satisfaction whenever and wherever you desire to.

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