Nookii – A Top 10 Couples Sex Game

Want Nookii? Ever had that feeling your relationship is losing that spark? When you always had something exciting to do and great places to go? Repeating the same thing over and over again can be daunting. Without breaking the budget the Nookii Sex Game can be the sizzling factor your relationship may just need. Think of it this way, remember Truth or Dare’?

When you would make up naughty questions and tasks so the atmosphere could be lit? Well, this game takes away the truth part and assigns sexy, fun and exciting tasks to be completed by both you and your lover. No dares! These are tasks you would have to complete, and watch your relationship light up like wild fire.

Sex Game


Most conservative lovers may look at the board game with little excitement.

“Why would I want to play a board game to spice up my relationship?”

After beginning the tame tasks the board suggests for foreplay, the heat of excitement would be enough to make you abort playing and get it on. But don’t rush it. Take time to follow the tasks right after your clothes go off to have sex.

Regular sex and quickly getting it on leaves very little room to explore your lover’s body.

Like Mae West put it, “Sex is emotion in motion”.  Nookii helps solve this problem by generating a large range of kissing tasks. You could be left wondering when last you spent so much time kissing. Game also suggests various sex positions, and make-out locations and mostly takes care of foreplay for you. You would better understand this if you know how arduous a task it can to get your lover in the mood.

Great news right? The work is mostly done for you.

You only have to follow the steps. This game has a wide variety of cards. I would seriously be exaggerating if I said all the tasks are going to turn you on. Sex can be very relative. Nookii has been criticized for generating aching muscles among lovers.  Squats and unconventional positions you make out with may have you waking up in the morning asking, “What happened last night?”

Many lovers don’t get prepared before their muscles are tested by the game. You shouldn’t be too concerned though; recovery should occur before you know it and wasn’t it worth it.

For the kinky and muscle-ready lovers.

Your relationship would just be ready to take up that needed boost. I have met people who are turned on when their lovers wear clown noses. Weird? Other examples may drop your jaws. The game’s wide variety of tasks are designed to suit a majority of lovers and their fantasies.

A little bit of light bondage, not the very disturbing one in 50 Shades of Gray.

One bad point is that the game leaves little room for same-sex relationships

But that apart tasks require fondling your lover’s breasts and stroking their penises- Nookii should be able to satisfy your normal couples’ sexual preferences. Y ou know, those you have forgotten about because everything has become normal.

For all it’s worth, the game is ideal for any couple wishing to take their sexual life to a whole new level. Check out Other Sexy Board Games like Monogamy the board game.

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