Paradice Couples Sex Game Paradice

Sex Foreplay Game Paradice, featured in the top 10 best sex toys 2016.

couples sex game

Have you ever heard about the love dice called Paradice?

You must have heard about it even if it is just once. It is a highly-rated dice game designed to stimulate couples sex play.  Comes highly praised and will allow you to easily play your sex games. This is one of the best couple sex toys that you can use during foreplay and will surely get the most frigid heated up.

It comes in a plastic material and the erotic dice glows when in a dark place. If you are having a party at your place, consider having these erotic dice to spice up things and maximize fun if you are so inclined. You might be planning a bachelor party. Purchase this set in advance as it can deliver a great deal of fun. Or if your friend is having such a party it can be a great gift for him or her.

Paradice will deliver great foreplay fun for a couple

It contains images and directions on what you will do to your partner – or what they will do to you and where. This stimulates as well as excites both of you in a happy way prior to getting into the more hardcore action.  It comes with two 6 sided adult sex dice one with images of what to do and the other with words as to where to do it.

This one package can make all the difference between unbelievable and fun foreplay and none at all. Has your partner ever complained about painful penetration during sex? It is probably because you did not give her enough foreplay. Use this erotic dice package to make things better in bed by creating a frisky sexy atmosphere as you play this dice game as an adventurous couple.

All you need to do is to toss the dice and then lady luck will deliver,

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