Monogomy Board Game

Monogamy The Board Game is a Monopoly style game, designed for two people or a couple to play.  You throw the dice and move around the board, picking up cards and doing sexy tasks oranswering questions about your significant other.  When you complete two laps around the board you move up a level, and the tasks and questions get a little steamier. You can start at any level or continue going around at the same level if you don’t want to move up.

Levels are Intimate, Passionate and Steamy, in that order.

Winner is the person who gets all the way around through the three levels and reaches the end. The winner gets to choose one of fifty cards, each with different fantasies to act out, from role play to BDSM. This game has over 400 different ideas and prompts across three different steamy levels.

Why Play Monogamy The Board Game?

This game is a lot of fun late on a Saturday night after a few glasses of wine.  I think a good level of comfort with your partner is needed to make the game intimate.  If you’re getting to know someone, this is a great way to ask some interesting questions. It will definitely ramp that relationship up into a much more intimate place.

Playing the Game

As you go around the board you land on card squares, where you draw a card with His and Hers questions and tasks.

  • Questions include things like “what is the most romantic thing your partner has done?”
  • Tasks include massages, lap dances, taking off items of clothing.
  • They get dirtier and more intimate the further into the game you get.
  • You will need some items like food and drink as some of the cards instruct you to drink or eat, sometimes off your partner.
  • I would recommend edible chocolate body paint, whipped cream and some strawberries.
monogamy the board game
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Think about Who You’re Going to Play With

I would recommend going through some of the cards and tasks and thinking about who you’re going to be playing the game with.  You don’t want to answer questions about your relationship with someone you’ve only been on a few dates with.  Alternatively, if you don’t want to spoil what’s on some of the cards.

Create a veto rule where each partner has the option to say the big N O to anything in the game they don’t want to do. Consenting to the game doesn’t mean consenting to every act in the set of cards. That said, don’t go into this game thinking it’s a bit of conservative fun, it gets intimate and it gets intense. I would definitely say it’s hard to finish this game without abandoning it to go have sex. But that’s what makes it so much fun!

My only criticism is that the tasks largely involve Her doing things for Him

Which means this would be even easier to adapt if you’re a same sex MM couple.  I think this game was designed when pleasure for her was still working its way into the scene.  So I would love to see a revised version of this game where the tasks are more balanced to reflect our ‘new age’ focus on her pleasure. There are also a few comments that have little sexist jabs at her. My relationship doesn’t entertain that sort of rhetoric so I wish I had gone through and Sharpied them out. Or gotten rid of those cards all together so that they didn’t dampen the mood. But we just ignored them and still had fun.

Another suggestion for this game is to go through and do your own editing!

If you work on this game every now and then for a week before you play, you can adapt it to your relationship and make it even better. This can mean taking a Sharpie to the comments you don’t like or the tasks you’re veto-ing. You can even write your own cards.  Where you can incorporate your favourite sex toys or some tasks you love that the game doesn’t include – butt stuff is one example.

Who should play?

This game can be fun for anyone in an intimate relationship.

  • For couples who have been together for a long time or feel like they need to add some intimacy to their date night, this is the perfect way to do so.  Adding a little wine can definitely help lubricate the game and drop the inhibitions.
  • Couples who maybe feel like they need to reconnect and want to do that by having a it of intimate fun would definitely love this game.
  • Kinky couples and those looking for some directed fun will benefit alike.
  • Game is worded in Him and Her terms, but it would be easy to adapt this game to a same sex couple, simply doing the Him terms and omitting the Her, or vice versa.
  • For the adventurous, this game could also easily be adapted for polyamourous couples, double dates or swingers nights.  Cards could be labeled with ‘swap’ or ‘stick’ for example. Where swap means choose someone else and stick means do the task with your partner.

This game is a lot of fun and easily adaptable for any couple.

I would absolutely say to go through the cards and prepare to get the most out of this game, but going in blindly with an open mind can be fun too!

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