Satisfyer Partner Whale

Satisfyer Partner Whale – Unique Couples Sex Toy

Waterproof Rechargeable Two Powerful Motors Skin-Friendly Silicone Ten Vibration Programs Summer, Sun, Sand – And More! Satisfyer Partner Whale Has A U-Shaped Design And A Wide Lay-On Head With A Powerful Motor In Each Shaft.

In an effort to explore our sexuality, we often try out new stuff like the Satisfyer Partner Whale. These ranges from trying out fetishes, embracing bondage (BDSM) all the way to seeking out new sex toys for use. One funny thing is that even sex toys can get boring. This only happens when you overuse them without trying out other varieties.

This brings out the ideology that there are very many types of sex toys available in the market today. They range in size, structure, and functionality to your best taste and preference. It is thus prudent to know which sex toy you want while planning for the next one you will purchase.

Satisfyer Partner Whale Couple Sex Toys

Sex toys have helped coupled to spice up their love life. This is evident in the fact that they are being purchased by a majority of people today. They are meant to help and serve us in the best way possible and should be embraced. You may think you do not need one at the moment but maybe you are missing out on the next best thing that could ever hit your sexual life.

Talking of the many brands of sex toys there are today, dildos, vibrators, and butt plugs are available for women whereas flesh-lights and cock rings are available for men. Nevertheless, most sex toys, except dildos and vibrators, are usually uni-sexual and can be used by both genders. This makes sure that no one feels left out during fun time. They all help produce the most-heightened feeling of arousal hence making achieving orgasms easier and fun.

One of the most unique, multi-functional sex toy is the Satiisfyer Partner Whale. Just as the name sounds, this is a perfect companion for your bedroom affairs. It harbors features and a design scheme that will blow your mind. It is mostly used by women to achieve both vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

The Satisfyer Partner Whale

The name whale is derived from the fact that it has the shape of the mighty blue whale. As we all know, the whale is the biggest mammal on land and sea. From what I can deduce, this vibrator gives you orgasms as big as a whale and makes ladies squirt like the sea. But is this really possible with your Partner whale? Let us find out…


1. Design & Material

BODY: The Partner Whale vibrator is made from an ultra-smooth silicone material as most sex toys are. This already guarantees that it feels smooth to the touch. The soft silicone padding ensures that it feels good and welcoming to the clitoris as opposed to ordinary plastic.

WATERPROOF: The fact that it is waterproof opens up multiple possibilities as to what you can do with your partner whale. Besides using it only in the bedrooms, you can take it up to your hot tub or shower and use it freely without having the trouble of water interfering with your device.

COMPACT: Satisfyer Partner Whale is compact due to its small body. However, this does not limit its functionality as there is no limit to how far you can go with this toy. In addition to that, it comes in a whale-like shape that makes it easy to hold, use and manipulate as well as offers one additional feature that we will talk about in the functionality section.
SIMPLE: There are very many sex toys out here that you may get hold of and not even know what to do with them. Your Partner Whale is quite simple yet still elegant in design. You can never go wrong with it.

2. Functionality

USE: What the Satisfyer Partner Whale specifically does is that it comprises of two curved ends each with its purpose. One end is for G-spot stimulation and is usually 2.5 inches in size. The other end serves to stimulate the clitoral region and is usually 3 inches in length. Each area contains its motor that vibrates at the same frequency as there are no specific adjustments for each. When inserted, it provides an intense sensation to both regions.

CHARGING: Inside its box is a magnetic charger cable incorporated into it. To charge it, simply attach the designated charger in the specified area where it will easily attach via magnetic effect. Thereafter, let it charge for approximately one and a half hours until full charge before unplugging it.

OPERATION: To turn it on, all you have to do is press the large button on top of ‘the whale’s ‘head. It will start off at its highest frequency setting automatically hence you have to tune it down to a level you find comfortable. There are 10 vibration settings available comprising of 3 normal straight forward vibrations and 7 different patterned ones. Because there is only one button at the top, you would be required to scroll manually through each of the frequencies until you get one that suits you perfectly.

COMPATIBILITY: The Whale is quite compatible with water-based lubricants. One advantage of this vibrator type is that it stays in place while being used besides providing maximum stimulation for either solo or couple use.

CLEANING: After use, all you simply have to do is clean your gadget. You can do this by wiping it with soap and hot water, then using a sex toy cleaning product to cleanse it thoroughly. Upon drying, store it away in a safe and dry place.

Satisfyer Partner Whale Couple Sex Toys

Verdict: The Satisfyer Partner Whale is quite unique as it sends out powerful vibrations despite its small size. It is thus a suitable product for the ladies who love it rough and those who prefer it sensual at the same time. You can achieve all this via the three levels of vibration modes the device uses.

In addition to that, the idea behind the different patterns of vibrations is a jolting one. This is because you can and will without doubt experience different levels of sensations, making the amount of fun you can have with this gadget limitless. If you want to get a sex toy that is discrete and small yet very effective in terms of giving you that orgasm, then the Satiisfyer Partner Whale is the best choice for you. Check out our Satisfyer Dual Love review for more Satisfying pleasure.


Satisfyer Partner Whale

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