When you use a Zumio Top 10 Sex Toy you are joining the pleasure revolution! Zumio was developed by a panel of women who wanted to make a clitoral stimulator for people who had very busy lifestyles.  They wanted to find a way to make a woman orgasm in under 1 minute. It had taken them 3 years of making various prototypes to develop the perfect clitoral stimulator. It would provide thorough amounts of pleasure with pinpoint control where a person could precisely direct where the pleasure would go to.

A Zumio was created to reproduce the feeling of a finger perfectly circling the clitoris. This type of motion is well known.  Most commonly it is used method to massage a womens clitoris to the point of orgasm during foreplay or for solo masturbation.

It takes away all the effort and gets the job done for you so that you have more time to do the more important things in your life.

Zumio Top 10 Sex Toy

Made different to all the other vibrators that are being sold throughout the adult industry. For example, Bullet Vibrators are made with stiff bodies and pinpointed tips that provide a larger area of stimulation to the clitoris.  Since the motor inside a bullet vibrator is situated generally in the middle of the sex toy, when a person handles it the vibrations are sent throughout the whole body. This means you will feel the vibrations throughout your hands and fingers.  Which can be quite frustrating as it can apply to much pressure and stress to your hand during use which. This is a common problem especially if you would like to take your time to build up a gradual orgasm.

Zumio differs from a Bullet Vibrator as it has a handle which does not vibrate.  So you will not feel that pressure or stress when you are using it. It has a thin tip which will move around in 2.0mm circles on the clitoris and the areas which are situated around it.  Gently massage and pulsate with intense pleasurable sensations that are touching all the right erogenous areas of your body.  When your first use the Zumio, you may find that since there are no other vibrations being sent through your body. Pleasure may feel extremely intense.

Speed Settings

Zumio does not have different modes or patterns. It has eight different speed and intensity settings that you can increase or decrease.  With Zumio you are able to press a dedicated button to turn on and press to turn off. When the Zumio is first turned on it will start in the lowest setting. If you would like to increase the speed, press the up button.  To decrease the speed, press the down button.

Travel Lock

In a world where you would like to take your sex toy with you when you are travelling. But don’t want it to somehow accidently be turned on which can cause quite a scene, the Zumio is a perfect clitoral stimulator for you as it has a travel locking feature.

  • To activate simply hold the on/off button for 5 seconds.
  • When you press the button, you will find that it vibrates for a couple of seconds and then turns off.
  • To take it out of travel lock, you hold the on/off button for 5 seconds.
Zumio Top 10 Sex Toy
How To Use A Zumio

Using the Zumio

There are just 3 Easy Steps For Multiple Orgasms

  1. Apply slight pressure to the areas surrounding the clitoris and labia with the Zumio.
  2. When you feel naturally aroused, focus the tip of the Zumio closer to your clitoris.
  3. Apply direct pressure on your clitoris when ready.

If find the clitoris stimulation to pleasurable, you are able to use it near your clitoris which will give you indirect clitoral stimulation. If you are looking for a way to reduce the amount of intensity at first it is recommended to use some water based lubricant. This will allow the Zumio to glide over the clitoris. Using a silicone lubricant is not recommended as it can deteriorate the material that the sex toy is made out of.

Zumio can be used for solo masturbation and during couples play.

When a lover is beginning to learn about your erogenous zones and where the clitoris is located you are able to let them use the Zumio on you. They will be able to easily work out where you love being stimulated.  Best part of using the Zumio is that it will always be pleasurable no matter how they use it. But when they find that spot, you will be sent over the moon. During couples sex the Zumio can be used between your bodies as the massagers body is not too big.

zumio top 10 sex toy
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How To Take Care Of The Zumio

After each use you will need to thoroughly clean the Zumio with mild soap and warm water as it is waterproof for up to 0.5 meters (2 feet). It is then recommended to dry it with a soft cloth. Zumio also comes with warranty that lasts for up to one year. And that applies to whether the Zumio has a manufacturing or designer flaw.

zumio top 10 sex toy
Sex Toy: Zumio Package

Zumio has recently won the Adultex Winner 2017 Best New Product. It has also been mentioned on various media outlets who have said.

“Are you looking for mind blowing multiple orgasms and hours of delicious exploration with a sex toy that you can use and hold just like a pencil? Well… we got just that for you, it’s our very own Zumio.” Adultsmart, Adult Store Online

“Strength of vibration – very strong, noise level – silent and orgasm-o-bility – intense.” ~ Venus O’Hara, A Fetish Model.

zumio top 10 sex toy
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