Stellah Obsession Sex Egg

The Stellah Obsession – Sex Egg 

A Closet Collection Couples Sex Toys and a Top 10 best Sex Toys 2016. The Stellah Obsession couples sex toy might be introducing a new type of sex game to your relationship you might not have been aware of or never dared to before. Have you and your partner had sex games in public without anyone noticing? Well with the wireless controls the stellah obsession allows you to do just that.

The Stellah Obsession
Sex Egg

Use it Anywhere!!

You can use it in a restaurant where you go for dinner, or at the theatre. How about going all the way and at your next party?  No one will be the wiser, except you two. You as the lady will be wearing the love egg inside you. While your man will be controlling the vibrations using the remote as no one has got a clue of what you two are doing.

How naughty is that?  He will only want to get home fast and get the work done so that you can have your date night. You, on the other hand, will have several orgasms whilst seated in a restaurant with your partner laughing as you squirm in ecstasy.

What a great way to spend your evening and an awesome way to spice things up between you two in public and in private as well.

This is one of the top 10 couple’s sex toys on the market for 2016

It turns both of you on in a busy restaurant a public place or at home. Be daring, try it when you go to the next party and you can rest assured that by the time you two get home. You will be crazy about each other and to complete what your great couples sex toy has started. This will ensure that you two get closer to each other. It is also a great and fun way to keep both of you interested in each other even in a busy public place.

Buy this couple’s sex toy today and experience what it feels like to do your own private thing in public.

 The Stellah Obsession
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