Rianne S Duo

Rianne-S Duo Vibrator – A Couples Sex Toy

Having Rianne-S Duo at home is really a great experience in itself. It is a new innovation by its manufacturer and both for men and women.

It’s a vibrator for women and masturbator for men. We (me and my partner) have been using it from 2 months now and we both are very happy with the cost and its worth of every penny.  I was reluctant to purchase it initially. But after we made up our mind we purchased it to add some spiciness to our sexual relationship.

Rianne-S duo
Duo Vibrator

Our Rianne-S Duo Arrived!!!

When first we got the package delivered it was shiny and glittery because of the Golden color of the box. I was sure after looking at the box itself that it’s going to be a gem inside. We were not disappointed.  Oscillation technology is the reason for adding such a fire to one’s sexual life.

  • In the box, we got the Rianne-s 2 Duo with USB wire. It has an ion battery and it can charge within 2 hours. I am very happy with the overall quality of the Vibrator.
  • Material is very soft and cozy and it is made from medical-grade silicone so we were not worried about any health problems in the future.
  • It has seven modes of vibration which gives you a rapturing and never dull time with it.
  • Does not weigh much and does not sound too loud. So you can take it anywhere discreetly. It has a sound density of 20 to 30 decibels which is negligible for the experience it delivers us.
  • 3 motors which is where all the magic happens.

Rianne’s 2 Duo is not only for a single person.

Men and women both can use it the circle part can be used by males and the tube end can be used by women to magnify their experience.

To start it, you need to press the power button. It has other modes of vibrations which gives you different pleasures at different levels.  Best thing is it also has high and low modes of vibration which is pretty unique and gives you the options to use according to our needs. Highest mode of vibration is absolute and would satisfy the most ardent sex toy user.

Best use of Rianne’s 2 duo is in oral sex

Both partners can satisfy each other with the vibrator. This toy is 100% waterproof and can be used in the bathroom and shower too.  Buttons are located on the top of the toy which makes it easy to use it. We use it with a little bit of lube which helps to increase the excitement and enjoyment. It is a value-for-money device. With the help of the easy-to-follow instructions provided it became very easy to understand and use. After 2 hours of charging and with some lube it’s perfect for women and men alike.

It also has 1-year manufacture warranty so problems in the future will be entertained directly by the manufacturer.  I never felt annoyed or exhausted while using it and have always had a sensual and pleasurable experience.

Rianne’s 2 duo comes in different colours

We bought one in purple and it’s very bright which a sex toy’s colour should be. Best thing is I don’t have to use a condom on it as its material is medically graded. Many women like me don’t like having sex with a condom, so I can assure you the experience would be spellbinding.

Rianne-S Duo
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