Eva by Dame

Eva By Dame – Hands Free Couple Sex Toy

Non-intrusive vibrator A Top 10 best sex toys 2016 for couples. Eva By Dame will give you one of the most rewarding experiences a couple should always have. Those unforgettable bedroom excitements, which come with great sex.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Research shows that many women are starved sexually. Those who cannot withstand this period for a long time, tend to either walk out of the marriage or opt for a second solution, which might even be more dangerous.

Eva by Dame just came at the right time, to save you from this agony. You now don’t need to disown your man for someone else who can make you happy in bed!

Eva By Dame
Hands free sex toy for women

Get it all right!

If you have ever used a penis-like Dildo, perhaps you have realized how distracting it can be. This Dildo needs you to pay attention to it, since you will be burdened to control it to some extent. At the same time, your man will want you to focus on him, which might be distracting.

There is nothing as rewarding as maintaining eye contact as you make out. This usually helps you to make facial expressions that send either a congratulatory message to your man for good work or just as a sign. He needs to pull up the socks. You cannot do all this while stimulating yourself with a Penis-like Dildo.

This is where Eva by Dame comes in.

It performs just fine!

All you need to do is to position this toy during sex.  Don’t be scared, this vibrator is just a perfect size. He won’t even notice if that is what you are worried of because the toy is designed to stay out of the way.  Eva by Dame fits perfectly inside of you, and with its darling wings which helps it to stick under labia. While giving you that intense stimulation of the clitoris as you need.

As said, this makes it possible for you to focus on your partner. Since it works pretty well, and it’s a hand-free toy, you will freely caress him to the rhythm of Eva by Dame and concentrate on intimacy.  You will definitely squirt if you can and at the same time orgasm within a very short period of lovemaking.  There is no way you will make love with this vibrator in place, and regret it.  It does pretty good job, of ensuring you get to the climax of the game, as you want it. Performs just fine.

Couples can now smile!

If you are a man who is always intimidated by your poor bedroom performance, Eva by Dame is now here to help you make her scream your name.

Since it’s a hand-free vibrator, it does not distract during the love-making session. As a result, it will make the woman reach her clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex just the way it should be. With such great sex, your sexual life will always be healthy. In turn, you will make memories as a couple, considering that this is what we all need when we say ‘I do’ to marriage. Yes, apart from just making a woman feel good and perfectly stimulated, Eva by Dame can be considered as a toy that makes a couple bond even more in marriage.

If you adapt this tool as a sex aid you will always be longing for the night just to experience that pleasuring intensity repeatedly. You do not need a counselor or a whole pamphlet that educates about sex positions, and foods that increase sexual desires. This might even not give you what you need.

Eva by Dame is the right answer. Spice up your marriage with this toy!

  • Irrespective of what the toy can do, it is very much affordable.
  • In addition, it is readily available online, you only need to order and have it delivered to you.
  • Another great aspect is that, since the product is a hand-free toy, you can easily change positions just the way you want it, and get an even more exciting experience in your favorite position.
  • As a couple, the toy will always make your love grow. Despite your marriage age, you will always feel contented staying beside each other in or out of seasons.

Exactly, this is what Eva by Dame does. The toy ensures you get that bedroom excitement as far as you can and at the same time bond with your partner for life.

Eva By Dame sex toy
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